I’m an Italian artist living in London these days.

After my studies at the Arts High School academy path, in 2000 I attended the School for Craftsmen and Restorers in Turin specializing myself in mould making, plaster and stone conservation under master Fausto Mosca who belongs to the previous generation of master mould makers.

In 2004 I opened my own workshop in Italy, this allowed me to grow professionally and enhance my skills. While running my lab I had the opportunity to build important collaborations and to work abroad in feature films such as Ben-Hur (remake), Residend Evil: The final chapter and Suspiria (remake).

The passion for this craft leads me to explore the best practices in the field and to share them with like-minded people.

© 2017 by Giulia A. Scati. 

Kristyan Mallett Make Up effects Ltd


Mould Maker, Assistant Make-up Artist –  Make up department, Film Industry
Effektstudion Efx AB

GENIUS: Picasso

Mould Maker  –  Make up department, TV Series
Moulds and collapsible cores for prosthetic appliances. 
Prosthetic make up technician.
Twilight Creations
Key Mould Maker – Make up department, TV Series
Full body matrix mould and silicon cast.
Millennium Fx


Mould Maker – Special Effect, Film industry
Moulds for the armour bodysuit parts of Doctor Who Mondasian Cyberman character (re-edition) , BBC One.
Mould for Gary Pollard’s sculpture.


Mould Maker – Special Effect, Film industry
Moulds for foam latex bodysuits and a creature.
Coulier Creatures Fx Ltd

SUSPIRIA (remake) by Luca Guadagnino

Mould Maker – Make up department, Film Industry
Moulds for encapsulated silicone prosthetic appliances, plaster and resin casting.
Brush-up mould for a full body resin cast and resin casting.
STAN & OLLIE (2018) by John S. Baird written by Jeff Pope

Mould Maker – Make up department, Film Industry
Resin piece-mould for a full body resin cast.
John Nolan Studio
Sculptor – Animatronics, TV
Clean up and texturing of a plastiline life cast.
The sculpting of a sloth’s head, animatronics reproduction for a BBC world service.
Studio Nucleo di Piergiorgio Robino
Head Mould Maker, Model Maker – Art Design / Interior Design
Realisation of models, prototypes and moulds for a limited number of casts of luxury furniture, design objects and exhibitions.
Technical consultant.
Cosmesis Studio


Assistant Mould Maker, Sculptor, Body Painter – Make-up department, Film Industry
Moulds and sculptures for encapsulated silicone prosthetic appliances, lab technician.
Tattoo applicator and body painter on set.
Makinarium s.r.l.

ZOOLANDER 2 by Ben Stiller

Mould Maker for silicon set prop – Props department, Film Industry

Makinarium s.r.l.

BEN HUR (remake) by Timur Bekmanbetow produced by MGM

Sculptor, Mould Maker, Art Finisher, Painter – Practical Effects, Film Industry
Sculptures, moulds, resin casting, fabrication and colouring of the hero chariots.
Mould making for swords and spears, weapons set props.
Dario Fo

Assistant Painter – Theatre

Art works for exhibitions and publications, mixed media – oil and acrylic on canvas and paper.