Trainer for the Mould-making class at Scuola per Artigiani Restauratori – Turin

Giulia Scati Art Finishing, body, clay, Fausto Mosca, jesmonite, Life casting, Mould making, Plaster, plastiline, prosthetic, Prosthetics, reproduction, Restoration, Sculpture, Scuola Artigiani Restauratori, silicone, water clay

Trainer at School for Craftman and Restorer M.L. Rossi 2 weeks stage for the Mould-making class Life cast demo Realisation of plaster casts, sculpts and flat moulds for prosthetic gelatin appliances Colour and application Turin 2019 [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”46″ gal_title=”Trainer”]  

“Perfume” body child

Giulia Scati body, clay, Design, Epoxy resin, resin, silicone

Supervisor mould maker for “Perfume” Netfilx TV-series at Twilight Creations Silicone body matrix mould and cast with Selina Horowitz, Peter Mühlenkamp, Julian Hutchesonand Supervised by Tamar Aviv and Jörn Seifert Berlin 2017 [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”35″ gal_title=”perfume”]  

Lenin head sculpt

Mrc clay, Head, Lenin, Papier Mache, Plaster, plastiline, reproduction, theatre

Lenin head reproduction for the theatrical performance “Lenin in Antartica” by Julijana Tomic aka Semolinika, dancer and art director of the Antic Theatre in Barcelona 2.50 m papier-mache on metal collapsible structure on wheels with Alberto Pastore Barcelona 2007 [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”7″ gal_title=”Lenin”]